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(BIG NOTE:  I will be doing all of my streaming on twitch now.  This includes my art streams.  Come by and hang out with me while I play video games and we can chat about anything you want, mostly art related things!  I know people are always wanting to ask me questions so I would love to answer them as I kill some zombies or something)

Also, Patreon announcement soon.  I need to polish off some commissions first!
Hey There!

While getting things sorted for the last month I have been a bit away for bother personal reasons and I didn't have a computer capable of painting.

But I do have artwork to post now!  Including the commissions I started in December!  

Sorry for just going dark again.  Things are looking pretty good at the moment though!
You should check out this amazingly talented and beautiful woman's livestream~

livestream link:

You won't be disappointed! 

I myself haven't livestreamed or have had the chance to paint much since I ran out of my medication and insurance. It's caused me to go through terrible withdrawals.  If you are on venlafaxine for depression pray you never run out...  I have never felt more awful in my entire life :(
I am still trying to raise funds so I'm not poor.  Selling my old sketchbooks, and this is the first one up~

tumblr post:…
ebay link:…?
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Hey there people, I'm bored so lets livestream RIGHT NOWS
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EDIT:  Ok, all filled up!  No more notes please hehe

Hey There,

It's the holidays and I would like to earn a little bit of extra spending money.  I'll be doing 3 private character commissions to start out with, and if I finish them up early I will do some more.

I'll have them all done before Christmas.

 So the process will be basically send me a note with what you want, I'll say "ok, that sounds good let me do a sketch" and then I will send you a couple sketches.  Then you pick a sketch, paypal me the mon-ays, and I will finish it up giving you updates along way so you can nit-pick ( :p ) things for me to change.  I'll only finish it if I get paid first of course.

For $150 (pretty gosh darn cheap I tell ya what) you get an image like this:
Witchy Woman by Jace-Wallace

Also Check out my gumroad!

So far I owe The People Commissions

0: moltenchier ( Sketch for my Premium account <3 )
1: filledd
2: filleeeddd
3: fiilllllllleeeeeedddd

The Lovely Renée lent me her old Graphire so I can do work!
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Streaming Status: offline

Watch, Ask Questions, have fun!

Also, who else is madly in love with ?

Cus Stop, she is mine! :p
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So, my last intuous tablet is broke and I am trying to save up for another one or a 13HD cintiq.  Before I can create anymore artwork I need to get a new wacom so I am asking you kind people to help me out.  I have created a gumroad where  I have made 3 of my pieces high resolution .PSDs available for PRE-ORDER to download.  Now, they aren't available YET, but if you could please purchase the pre-order now it will help me out so much.  I want to polish these up a bit before I release the .psds and to do that I need a new tablet.  So think of it more as a donation :3

PSD pre-order/donations:

Or if you could just... straight up donate to my paypal:…

I have been honestly financially screwed over recently to the point where I don't know how long it will take me to recover.  Seriously... I have been stuck with so many bills because I have been forced to break my lease, pay for the transport of pets, shipping costs, pay rent alone, moving costs, and so much more...  

All while getting laid off.

I hate just straight up asking for donations so that's why I made the .PSDs.  

Again, thanks everyone for their support.  I truly appreciate it all.
A few weeks ago I blew up over the internet over some personal issues with my ex.  Yes it was very childish of me I know this.  I want to apologize to her, and to everyone that had to deal with my insane rantings. I know I am a very emotional person and I lost complete control and that was not ok.  I have been dealing with depression my entire life and it's something that's very hard for me to control.  She has her reasons for doing what she did and she is a grown women and should be able to live her life without a crazy insecure ex-lover acting stupid.  I never wanted to insight a bunch of hate to her.  Shes a great, sweet, caring, beautiful, talented girl going their her own hardships of depression and she has her reasons.  She shouldn't have to live in fear for wanting to live her life in happiness.

I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  I never want to see anyone hurt.  It's all I ever think about is if my actions will cause someone harm and this time they did.  

I'm not going to say her name.  The people that know please keep it to yourself and please don't say anything negative towards her.  She deleted all of her accounts before my ranting rampage but my rantings sure as hell didn't help her.  So again please treat her with respect and love.  She shouldn't have to pay for my ignorant actions.  She is going through a very hard time and things were said that never should have.

Sometimes I forget people actually listen to what I have to say.

I'm sorry.  I truly am.